Swing Pocket

by m.e.n.s.

Comfortable and stylish!

Our swing-pocket trousers are characterized by their comfortable wear, rounded pocket seam and excellent quality.

The Swing-Pocket model refers by its name to the front and side pockets with curved opening.

For the final look, our Swing-Pocket trousers are equipped with the original m.e.n.s. belt, stretch waistband and shirt stopper.

In the high-quality fabrics cotton and denim, our swing pocket trousers are a classic all-rounder.

Find your new favorite swing pocket trousers with us!

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Casual Denim Xtend Stretch

XTEND by m.e.n.s.

Particular emphasis is placed on the superstretch qualities (XTEND) which are specially developed with m.e.n.s. know-how and its German upstream suppliers. DualFX and T400 yarns form the technological basis of XTEND.

Thanks to the high level of acceptance by retailers and end consumers, almost 90% of the collections are now made from these highly elastic qualities. High recovery values coupled with a broad colour spectrum and the extensive model park ensure that XTEND stands for an established brand promise. This is appreciated by retailers and coveted by consumers.

  • 100% perfect fit
  • 100% freedom of movement
  • 100% shape stability
  • 100% wearing comfort

Fitting Guide

The established model park is based on the three model / fit lines:

BEAT (slim-fit),
MODERN (regular-fit)
and COMFORT (comfort-fit).

The colour coding of the fitting lines

BEAT (blue),
MODERN (green)
and COMFORT (red)

facilitates quick orientation in the portfolio and targeted advice at the POS.

Casual Denim Fitting Guide