Manufacturer’s promise

Years of experience as a trouser manufacturer

It goes without saying that a trouser manufacturer should develop and produce high quality products. But what exactly does quality mean and what can the customer expect from m.e.n.s.?

As a trouser manufacturer we have years of experience in working with weft-stretch fabrics. And by using our own production facilities we keep processes short and efficient.
Because our factories are at our headquarters in Bückeburg and in Europe, we are able to carry out continuous checks to ensure that our high standards are adhered to throughout the whole production process. From the first step to the very last, our trousers are checked and closely monitored – to achieve the customary m.e.n.s. high quality.

The m.e.n.s. trousers you receive are a product of carefully selected materials, perfect fit and decades of experience in specialist trouser manufacture.